Total Supplements Equine Horse Supplement - (30 or 10 or 3 LB)

Total Supplements Equine Horse Supplement – (30 or 10 or 3 LB)

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Total Supplements Equine Supplement


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5 Star Amazon Rating

Total Supplements amazon 5 star rating

Equine Horse Supplement

Dosage Instructions:

1 oz = 1 scoop

Performance horses – 1 oz per day, 2 oz on performance days

Weanlings, Yearling, Broodmares, Geldings – 1 oz per day

Mares in foal or lactating, Stallions in service – 2 oz per day

Total* Equine Supplement may be fed by itself, or mixed with other feeds such as grain and hay.

Just add 1 oz. to a cupful of grain, and that’s it!

We pride ourselves in creating one of the finest Equine Horse Supplement products available for your horse. Total Supplements is dedicated to providing high quality, proven nutrition that will keep your horse healthy and happy. Our customers love our supplements!

  • Total Supplements Equine Supplement 3 LB, 10 LB or 30 LB Box
  • Total Supplements organic minerals are in methionine form – mineral-amino acid complexes.
  • Increased bioavailability thereby reducing the supplementation level required
  • Decreased potential for the mineral being bound or the availability impacted negatively by other feed ingredients or contents.
  • At a cost of about 40 cents per day, your horses will have their total vitamin and mineral needs met – and without any other type of supplement liquid, or granular.

Socrates once said. “there is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” Our actions should be guided by this statement, especially when our health of our horses health is concerned. When an illness strikes we rely on our doctors to cure us, however we fail to realize that “the cure” come from within. Nature has provided us with a wondrous immune system and all we have to do is feed this system and it will heal and maintain us for life. This is the reason we provide Equine Horse Supplement that will help the horse’s total health.

Research has shown that each part of the body contains high concentrations of certain nutrients, A deficiency of those nutrients will cause the body part to malfunction and eventually break down – like dominos, other body parts will follow. If we do not give ourselves or our horses the proper nutrients, we can impair the body’s normal functions and cause great harm. Even if there are no signs of illness it doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy, it simply may be that they are not exhibiting symptoms of illness. Often the owners don’t see the signs of deterioration as they are so subtle and develop so gradually that they go unnoticed until the problem becomes serious then they want a “quick fix” which may fix the symptoms however not the problem.

We decided to put this page together to help our customers and potential customers realize what we have in our Equine Horse Supplement and what and how it works to promote the health of their horses. Most of the supplements and vitamin enriched “complete” feeds are not really what they say they are or you must feed 2-5 supplements to even come close to matching Total*s ingredients.


Signs of well-being


Symptoms of Illness

Good Energy, even in an old horse …………. Lethargy (poor energy or lack of energy)
Healthy skin and shiny coat …………. Dry
& scaly skin, bald patches, mane or tail loss, dull coat, lighter hair color
Bright clear eyes …………. Dull, cloudy, or sunken eyes
Correct weight …………. Overweight or underweight
digestive problems
…………. Recurring colic, chronic diarrhea, foul odor   of manure,
difficulty maintaining weight
Increased fertility and live births …………. Decreased fertility, hard breeders, aborted or immature foals
Improved feed efficiency …………. Decreased feed efficiency (undigested waste output increased)
Greater disease resistance …………. Increased diseases and infections affecting the  usefulness of the
Improved stamina & greater tolerance to weather extremes …………. Less stamina & can not take the heat or cold
Improved hemoglobin synthesis …………. Decreased stamina, increased “burnout”, less stamina
Increased acid neutralization …………. More incidents of colic, ulcers, tying up, etc.
Wounds heal quickly …………. Wounds remain open, infected and scarring
Reduced fly population, no bot fly eggs in fall …………. Horse covered with bot fly eggs ( orange eggs on body of horse in fall)
Good temperament …………. Irritability
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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Total Supplements Equine Horse Supplement – (30 or 10 or 3 LB)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a fantastic product, we have been very happy with the results.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    My horses health has steadily improved, have seen this supplement do wonders for her. Will recommend to friends.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Horses born with straight legs and strong, total supplements works! Would highly recommend for keeping worms out of the animal.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve seen an improvement in coat shine and overall health with this supplement, I will definitely buy again.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    I am impressed with Total… it’s been nice to have an all in one solution for my horses… thanks again for a wonderful product.

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