Boost Your Horse Immune System with Yeast Culture

Total Supplements Equine Horse Immune System

Boost Your Horse Immune System with Yeast Culture

Total Supplements Equine provides Horse Immune System Information

Among the many ingredients that are listed on the label of Total Supplements, one ingredient that may seem unfamiliar is yeast culture, which helps with your Horse’s Immunity System. Yet, while it may seem unusual to include yeast culture among the ingredients, the reality is that yeast culture is an excellent source of the B vitamins as well as other micronutrients. The B vitamins offer many benefits to horses, including helping to maintain the health of the skin, hair, eyes, nerves, liver and mouth. The B vitamins are also helpful for alleviating depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and aggressiveness. It is particularly important to supplement a horse’s diet and Immune System with B vitamins as it ages because those nutrients are not absorbed as well as the animal ages.

In addition to offering B vitamins, yeast cultures help to put good bacteria back in the animal’s body as they competitively exclude the bad microbes that cause disease or decrease the overall efficiency of the horse immune system. Yeast cultures also help to stabilize gut activity as they improve digestion and disease resistance. Some animal owners also believe yeast helps to repel fleas, while the yeast itself is loaded with protein and other nutrients. So, unless your horse is allergic to yeast, it is a healthy addition to include in its diet.

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