Enjoy Improved Horse Health with Total Supplement

Total Supplements Equine Horse Health

Enjoy Improved Horse Health with Total Supplement

Total Supplements Equine is dedicated to Providing Horse Health

Total Supplement Equine is dedicated to Horse Health

Total Supplement Equine is dedicated to Horse Health

As a horse owner, you want to do everything possible to keep your horse healthy. While feeding a well-balanced diet is one step toward achieving this goal, obtaining optimal horse health requires taking it one step further. Just as with humans, horses can benefit from taking a supplement to ensure they are receiving all of the proper vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis. With the help of Total Supplements, your horse with be sure to get all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy, strong and capable of achieving maximum performance.

Boosting the Immune System

The first step toward achieving optimal horse health is to give your equine’s immune system a boost. To help achieve this goal, Total Supplements includes yeast culture as one of its ingredients. Not only is yeast culture an excellent source of B vitamins, but it is rich in micronutrients as well.

B vitamins offer a number of benefits to horses. In addition to helping to maintain the health of the horse’s skin and hair, the vitamin also plays a vital role in maintaining the eyes, liver, nerves and mouth. B vitamins are also helpful for alleviating aggressiveness, anxiety, depression and hyperactivity. Since the horse’s body loses its ability to absorb vitamin B as it ages, it is particularly important to ensure there plenty of the vitamin is included in the horse’s diet.

Yeast cultures also give a boost to horse health by putting good bacteria in the animal’s body. This, in turn, helps to reduce the number of bad microbes in the body that are responsible for causing disease or otherwise reducing the efficiency of the immune system. Yeast cultures also help to improve digestion.

Other nutrients found in Total Supplement that help to give the immune system a boost include iodine, selenium, zinc and vitamin E. An antioxidant that helps to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, vitamin E can also help to improve circulation, reduce blood pressure and scarring, relax leg cramps, assist with tissue repair and more.

Total Supplements Equine Horse Health Supplement

Total Supplements Equine Horse Health Supplement

Improve your horse’s health and performance with our scientifically proven formula. Total Supplements is available in three, ten and thirty pound sizes for your convenience.

Strengthening Cartilage and Reducing Stiffness

Improving horse health and performance also involves taking steps to strengthen the horse’s cartilage. Total Supplement helps accomplish this goal by including glucosamine in its formula. Found naturally in the body, glucosamine helps to maintain healthy cartilage while also repairing damage to the joints. For this reason, glucosamine is frequently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions related to the joints.

Glucosamine also helps to reduce inflammation and stiffness. As such, it is frequently used to treat sports injuries, chronic venous insufficiency, allergies, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease.

Since it is not found naturally in food, glucosamine must be added to the horse’s diet through a supplement. To get the most out of the glucosamine and to aid in its absorption, it should also be paired with vitamins C and E along with manganese. Total Supplements includes all three of these nutrients while also including amino acids, probiotics and other nutrients to help achieve optimal horse health. Other nutrients included in Total Supplement that help with muscles, nerves and connective tissues include magnesium, potassium, sodium, silicon and manganese.

Improving Bone and Blood Function

Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting as well as bone formation and repair. Vitamin K also helps to prevent osteoporosis and assists with the process of converting glucose into glycogen for liver storage.

Unfortunately, a number of factors can lead to a vitamin K deficiency in horses. Among these causes are:

  • Improperly formed Gla-proteins, which does not allow them to perform their job correctly
  • Consumption of a K antagonist, such as the dicoumarol found in moldy sweet clover hay, which works against the vitamin in the horse’s body
  • The therapeutic use of warfarin, which can interfere with the metabolism of vitamin K

While overconsumption of vitamin K is toxic, there are no recorded incidences of this occurring with horses. In fact, it is estimated that a horse would have to consume at least 1,000 times its daily recommended intake in order to reach toxic levels.

Total Supplement also includes calcium to assist with the formation of bones and teeth, maintaining healthy gums, transmitting nerve impulses and maintaining a regular heartbeat. Other nutrients found in Total Supplement that assist with creating a healthy blood and cardiovascular system include phosphorus, sulfur, iron, copper and cobalt.

Horse Health with Real Life Results

spooky the horse is 17 years old total supplements

Spooky the horse is 17 years old total supplements horse that still performs without pain today.

The positive effects of Total Supplement are well-documented among those who use the supplement to improve horse health. 17-year-old Spooky, for example, has been using Total Equine Supplement his entire life. Though he has never been given a chemical wormer or shots of any kind, he enjoys a pain-free and healthy lifestyle while still achieving optimal performance.

Harness Racing Horse Not On Sunday Total Supplements Horse

Harness Racing Horse Not On Sunday Total Supplements Horse

Harness racehorse Not On Sunday has a similar success story. Racing all the way to the age of 12, Not On Sunday has been using Total Supplements her entire life. Not On Sunday won $137,000 during her career in harness racing, which is a form of racing in which the horse races at a specific pace while pulling a two-wheeled cart.

Bandy the Orphan Foal was raised on Total Supplements

Bandy the Orphan Foal was raised on Total Supplements

Total Supplement can also be a genuine lifesaver for horses that are orphaned at a young age. Bandy the Orphan Foal, for example, lost her mother only two weeks after she was born in 2015. While she didn’t have foal milk replacer or goats milk to eat, Bandy the Orphan Foal was eating well. In addition to her hay and a pound of oats, she also ate an ounce of Total Equine Supplement every day. Bandy never had wormer or any shots, but she has grown to become a healthy success story thanks to the care of her owners and the nutrients she received from Total Supplements.

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