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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that every digestive system needs to function effectively. They are is the same bacteria that is in yogurt. When a horse is given antibiotics and to some extent paste wormers, this not only kills the bad bacteria, but also destroys good bacteria.

That is why animals often go off of their feed when they are being doctored with antibiotics. Total* has enough Probiotics to add almost one and a half BILLION units per day. This is why when fed daily, Total* will increase feed efficiency to the point that feed intake can be cut back … which saves money.

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What is the difference between worming and using Total* Equine as a wormer?

Total* Equine Supplement’s base comes from a mine in Nevada which was chosen as the foundation in the Total* formula when it was developed by a nutritionist at Utah State University because of its rich mineral content.

It was only later that we learned about the effects of this rich mineral content product  on parasites. Scientific research suggests that the texture is sharp to parasites and as they pass across it they are cut and die. The advantage of this process is that it is mechanical rather than poisonous, such as paste wormers to which horses can build up immunity.

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What is the difference between other supplements out there on the market like Vita-Plus, etc, and Total*?

Every supplement is different. You should carefully read labels to determine what will work best. The first ingredient on the label is the largest ingredient. If it is a filler such as wheat by-products, soy-something or other, or, my favorite “dried alfalfa meal” (a bale of hay), you know you are paying a lot of money for not much good! Big fancy words are often used for ingredients to hide their identity.

Other important ingredients to look for are Probiotics and the amount of vitamin E…these are the two most expensive ingredients in the whole formula. Also check for all other vitamins, minerals, and very importantly amino acids. Total* has all of these, which is why our product is named “Total”.

Will Total* Equine make my horse hyperactive?

No, Total* Equine contains no sugar or other stimulants which will make your horse “hot”. It will actually calm a horse down due to the vitamin B’s which are natural calmers The performance may be enhanced due to the increased  manageability.

Will your product improve the condition of my horse’s hooves?

You will see a marked difference in hoof health. With Total*, bones become stronger, joints more flexible, and hooves are hard.

Does Total* make a noticeable difference in a horse’s coat?

Do you want the sheen of a new spring coat year round? Total* Equine gives you the golden-silver natural colors of an eye-catching coat that you only get on the healthiest of horses. That, with the spring in your horse’s step, sets our product apart from all the others. You’ll make your competitors jealous!

Will Total* help wih foal scours?

Yes Total* will help with scours, you will see little to no scouring during the foal heat.  Scours is due to the worms passing thru the mothers milk to the foal, if the mare has been on Total*, there are no worms to pass to the foal, thus no messy, sore hiney.

I have stallions, what will Total* Equine do for them?

Want your stallion to cover more mares? Want to solve the problem of AI infertility? Dramatically improve semen quality and sperm motility even when shipping long distances. You will be amazed — and so will your stud!

My horse tends to get colic. Is there anything in your product that will help with that?

Probiotics is the secret that the horse world is discovering. Horse owners who use Total* Equine see a dramatic decline in the incidence of colic. Total* is the only formula on the market with the right type and combination of probiotics.

Is Total* a good supplement for broodmares?

Several years ago, I determined that Total* helped prevent heat (foal) scours, but I didn’t know if it was through the mare or just how it happened. This year I fed the mares in one barn in a little bucket tied on the gate so that the baby couldn’t get any of the Total*; I fed all the rest of the mares on the ground where the baby could steal a little. Sure enough, the babies that didn’t get the Total* got the scours while the others didn’t…so now I know. Let the babies have their Total*. The babies that got their Total* also filled out more quickly and looked better.

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