Equine Testimonials

“After using Total* Equine for only one month, my best mare cut her fastest time by an entire second.”
– Claude Manor
Trotter Trainer, West Point, Mississippi

“Two weeks after I start a horse on Total* Equine, I can gain a length going down the track.”
– Mike Maughan
Race Horse Owner Newton, Utah

“My vet recommended that I use Total* Equine Supplement on an older stallion I was standing “Jody Fairfax”…..it worked so well that I bought the company!”
Darwin Jensen
Burley ID
AQHQ Breeder

“My two year old filly injured her back leg badly. She lost 400 pounds until I put her on Total* Equine. Now she has gained 200 pounds and is starting to look great.”
Tina Ruterbories
Barrel Horse Trainer, Clearwater, Nebraska

“My mare that has been on Total* Equine for several months had her foal a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful baby, but when the mare went through her foal heat, the baby didn’t scour, is this normal? If so, we will never again be without Total* Equine Supplement.”
Rhonda Sawyers
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

“Total* Equine Supplement keeps my horses looking, feeling and working their best.  The foals are born healthy and strong and the mares breed back without any problems.”
Julie B.
LaSalle, CO
Breeder & Barrel horse trainer

“I ride my horses hard in the summer and they used to get worn out by the end of the day, and by the end of the summer they were exhausted, I put them on Total* Equine Supplement and they are in excellent condition and have the staying ability that I need to make it thru the summer.”
Nyree Z.
St. Charles, SD

“I have 20 horses and Total* Equine Supplement saves me $5000 a year over the way I was feeding my horses.
Lynne H.
Sundre, AB, Canada
Owner of Chics in the Male
#1 Canadian reining horse sire

“My yearling colt, Vandys Reflection had a swollen stomach, partial winter coat in mid summer, sunken flanks, and was only slightly larger than a weanling. The only thing three vet exams showed was abnormal blood levels. Even though I was giving him a well known colt supplement, his condition did not improve. I switched him to Total* Equine Supplement” and in 4 weeks he looked normal and grew 4 inches in three months. He will be 2 in June and is almost full grown and looks fabulous. I will now use Total* for my foals as well as mature cutting horses.”
Wanda Smith
Cutting Horses Owner, Guerneville, CA

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