Deworming Properties of Total Supplements

Putting Health and Performance
in Your Horse!

Over the past few years, we at Total* Manufacturing have been receiving reports that horses on our supplement were either free of parasites, or had unusually low counts. Nothing had been consciously added to the supplement for this purpose.

“In the past we have had numerous reports from our customers telling us that by using Total* they have successfully dewormed their horses. Somewhat cautiously we had passed that information on to our customers ith the comment that we were not sure exactly why it was working but that people were consistently reporting this benefit.

“In fact, we frequently reminded people that there was nothing specifically in Total* that was intended to have an effect on the worms.

“One of the ingredients in Total* is an organic silica based micro mineral rich product that comes from ancient deposits in Nevada. This product is composed of organic material deposited centuries ago. This ingredient along with the digestive aids and increased immune system creates an environment that rids the horse of parasites and other toxins.

Some of the Benefits :

  1. Stopped scours even on horses that had not responded to any other medications.
  2. Noticeable flea & tick reduction.
  3. Horses may have decreased appetites.
  4. Weight gain due to better feed conversion.
  5. Reduction in fecal odor.
  6. Elimination of any internal parasites.
  7. Healthier appearance.
  8. Helps to reduce fly population.
Total Supplements Equine Horse Supplement

Total Supplements Equine